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Want some thrifty ideas to decorate – well here you go!

Make the kitchen smell and look good


If you are into Coffee-turn your kitchen into a Aromic Cafe.  There are several coffee themed pictures and kitchen towels you can buy in the stores but why not take a step further.   You can go to any thrift store, goodwill or yard sale and purchase old coffee carafes.  If they are glass you can use a dremel tool to cut a whole in the side of the carafe that would not be facing where people look and just make it big enough for a mini christmas white light set to go through.  (just the lights go through not the plug part)  This can be the battery operated kind or the plug in type of lights.  Once you have the lights through make sure all the lights are out at the top of the carafe.  Then slowly start filling with your favorite coffee beans and inter-twining the lights throught the beans.  Then plug in your carafe and the lights will warm up the beans and fill your kitchen with your favorite smell.